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Mark Madden

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In hockey, when the puck totally crosses the goal line, it’s a goal. 

In soccer, when the ball totally crosses the goal line, it’s a goal. 

In football, when the ball crosses the plane of the goal line at all while in the possession of a player, it’s a touchdown. 

So, when an outfielder reaches over the fence to pull back a home run, why isn’t that a home run? It crossed the plane of the outfield wall above the yellow line. 

The outfielder can’t stand behind the fence and catch the ball. Why can he do this? 

If the ball leaves the playing field, that’s a home run. 

Witness this play made yesterday by Baltimore outfielder Cedric Mullins. It’s a great catch. But that ball is clearly over the wall. That should be a home run. 

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