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It’s apropos that The Dead Daisies cover Whitesnake: Three of their members were in the union of the ‘Snake. 

All great guys, too: Doug Aldrich on guitar, Michael Devin on bass, Brian Tichy on drums. The band is completed by David Lowy (guitar) and John Corabi (vocals, some guitar).

Yes, that John Corabi. As Corabi will tell you, he ruined Motley Crue. Except his one Crue album is among that band’s best work. Everybody wants a piece of the action...

This version of “Slide It In” (from recent tour rehearsals) is very cool. One of my favorite Whitesnake songs. 

But The Dead Daisies are far from a cover band. More people should know about them. They stand out as a (relatively) new voice of classic rock. Six albums since 2013. Lots of bangers. Get their recently released “Best Of” LP. 

Terrific live band, too. They’re on tour, but not currently scheduled to come to Pittsburgh. Hopefully soon. 

Look out below: Check out “Slide It In” and one of their great originals, “Long Way To Go.” Totally incredible. 

These guys can all really play. Aldrich previously killed it with Dio. If Rush ever reforms without the late Neil Peart, Tichy is the best replacement. (I’m a big fan of Tichy’s Led Zeppelin tribute band, The Moby Dicks. Drunken revelry in Las Vegas. I love it.) 

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