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The Penguins have 15 games on national TV this coming season. 

Some are thrilled by that.

Not me. In fact, I don’t like it. 

Being on national TV repeatedly isn’t a validation of the franchise. Five Stanley Cups validate the franchise. Mario Lemieux and Sidney Crosby validate the franchise. Rafters clogged with legitimate banners validate the franchise. 

My watching pattern for the Penguins is long since established. 

If it’s a home game, I attend.

If it’s an away game, I watch it on TV. What channel doesn’t matter. I don’t get adrenalized by the Penguins appearing on, say, the Worldwide Leader. (Unless John Buccigross is involved. Then there's parm potential.) 

But if the game is nationally televised, the time usually gets moved. 

If it’s a weeknight game, it’s at 7:30 0r 8 instead of 7. 

If it’s a weekend game, it might move to the afternoon. 

Later sucks. Afternoon sucks. 

God intended the puck to drop at 7 p.m., 7:30 at the latest. That goes for every day of the week. Any other time is blasphemy. 

New Jersey fans are on X bragging that the Devils are on national TV 16 times. “People want to watch the New Jersey Devils!” 

That’s the kind of perverse pride you’ve got to invent when your team has won one playoff series since 2012 and zero Stanley Cups since 2003. Have fun playing with your clicker.

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