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Edge rusher Nick Bosa signed a contract extension. Tight end George Kittle’s injured groin is coming around. Both All-Pros will likely play Sunday when San Francisco battles the Steelers at Acrisure Stadium. 

That makes the job harder than hoped for. 

Here’s a to-do list for the Steelers: 

*Score 24 points or more. 

*Don’t sit on leads. Extend them. 

*Take risk in pursuit of reward. Look for chunk plays. 

*Don’t settle for field goals. 

*Score more and faster. 

*Trust Kenny Pickett for 60 minutes. 

*Play linebacker Kwon Alexander. He can keep up with Kittle and 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey. 

*Double up the blocking on Bosa, but not to the point of removing the tight end from the offense.

You’re probably thinking that what I prioritize is obvious, and it is. 

But the Steelers still might not tick the boxes. 

It’s called living in your fears. 

Coach Mike Tomlin says to not do that. But he often doesn’t practice what he preaches. 

These Steelers are capable of winning 11-12 games. The talent is good enough. 

I’m not sure the coaching is.

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