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You brag and boast about how well Steelers fans travel. 

“We’re going to take over Las Vegas.” That’s Week 3 when the Steelers visit Sin City. 

OK, but Acrisure Stadium was at least 25 percent San Francisco fans yesterday. 

They were loud, too. You heard the chants. You saw the jerseys. 

The reason you heard 49ers fans so clearly is because Steelers fans gave up when things went bad early. 

You’re too old. Too fair-weather. Too drunk. Too quiet. 

You sold out. For 30 pieces of silver, or whatever the secondary market dictated. 

Was it $500? Was it $600? 

Doesn’t matter. YOU SOLD OUT. 

All those Niners fans got their tickets from Steelers fans. 

It’s the opener. A big game. Tough opponent. 

And you betrayed your beloved Steelers. 

Half the Steelers fans who used their tickets left in the third quarter. 

You should be ashamed. 

You’re going to take over Vegas, right? You punks don’t deserve Vegas. 

Steelers fans aren’t special. Not anymore. 

San Francisco 49ers v Pittsburgh Steelers

Photo: Joe Sargent / Getty Images Sport / Getty Images

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