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Kenny Pickett must win the game tonight when the Steelers host Cleveland. 

At some point, Pinocchio has got to become a real boy. 

No more excuses. (Pickett doesn’t make excuses. But they’re made for him.) 

No more blaming Matt Canada, or the perceived shortcomings of the offense he coordinates.

Pickett is a first-round pick. It’s his second season. He’s supposed to be a franchise quarterback. 

It’s time for Pickett to stand and deliver. 

Pickett’s statistics Week 1 vs. San Francisco were subpar: 31-for-46, 232 yards, one touchdown, two interceptions. Most of the yardage came at garbage time. His throwing was crazy inaccurate. He missed open targets.

Pickett’s stats to this point in his career aren’t so good. 

Pickett has played 14 NFL games, starting 13. He has never thrown two touchdown passes in a game. That’s unthinkable. 

Pickett’s entire career to date = two late drives to win games near the end of last season. Besides that, he’s done bupkus. 

You like Pickett. I get it. But this isn’t about “like.” 

You’ve got to deliver, especially when you’ve got a pedigree like Pickett’s. 

Pickett needs to be the reason the Steelers win tonight. 

If the Steelers lose and drop to 0-2, the season is well on its way to being shot. 

The Steelers would have to think about drafting Phil Jurkovec next year. “What a great story! He plays for Pitt! He’d just have to switch parking lots at the practice facility!”

San Francisco 49ers v Pittsburgh Steelers

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