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That fourth-quarter roughing-the-passer penalty on Steelers safety Minkah Fitzpatrick Sunday night at Las Vegas was technically correct. There was helmet-to-helmet contact, however marginal. 

But Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett got hit in the head twice earlier. No calls. 

Like always, and in every sport, the consistency of officiating is a big problem. 

But sports are enslaved by gambling – and so openly, with billions invested in sponsorship. 

The demand for TV ratings is so big. 

So, when a borderline call gets made that keeps the result in doubt a bit longer, it makes me wonder.

Like the roughing call on Fitzpatrick and (later) the leverage flag on DeMarvin Leal during a Las Vegas field-goal attempt. WTF is “leverage”? 

I’m not accusing. I’m wondering. 

Perhaps it’s nothing more sinister than refereeing the score. Giving the trailing team a break, which is as old as officiating itself. 


Pittsburgh Steelers v Las Vegas Raiders

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