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Regardless of what the Steelers do against Baltimore this coming Sunday, Mike Tomlin will fire offensive coordinator Matt Canada going into the bye week, uttering the empty platitudes Tomlin reserves for such an occasion.  

Or maybe the Steelers lie and say Canada retired. 

Mike Sullivan will be promoted to offensive coordinator from quarterbacks coach, just like Canada before him and Randy Fichtner before him. 

The Steelers will continue to run the exact same plays out of the exact same playbook. Kenny Pickett will continue to stink. 

So, what will the change be? 

A fresh scapegoat will be made available, that’s what. 

Sullivan will be next to get roasted, deflecting vitriol away from its rightful recipient, namely the fraudulent head coach. 

The Steelers will rally to go 9-8, missing the playoffs but preserving Tomlin’s record of never having a losing season. “A Tomlin team never gives up! The players love him!”

Except one of these times that crap isn't going to work.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Las Vegas Raiders

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