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In the wake of Kenny Pickett’s game-winning touchdown pass to George Pickens yesterday, Steelers fans have concluded that Pickett called that play at the line. 

It may be true that said play had options. 

Pickett and center Mason Cole may have changed blocking assignments at the line. 

But Pickett didn’t call that play at the line. He doesn’t have permission to do so. 

But it’s being said that Pickett did by way of distancing offensive coordinator Matt Canada from any credit for that play, and for that victory. 

Canada has become the Steelers’ version of Donald Trump. (Or Joe Biden, if you lean the other way. But it works better with Trump.) 

Everything that goes wrong is Canada’s fault. Everything that works isn’t Canada’s doing. MAN WITH HAT BAD! HE HURTS STEELERS! 

Canada, to his credit, isn’t facing 91 felony counts. The offense isn’t quite that terrible.

Neither Canada, nor Pickett, nor Steelers Nation should be beating their chests over finally scoring a touchdown after not doing so for the prior eight quarters. 

I’m a registered Republican, BTW. But I think Trump is an amoral buffoon. I think Biden is the real-life version of “Weekend at Bernie’s.” 

When next year’s presidential election rolls around, we should change the play at the line. 

Photo: Joe Sargent | Getty Images Sports, Scott Olson | Getty Images News

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