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Some problems can’t be solved. 

For the Penguins, goaltender Tristan Jarry might be that problem. 

Jarry got a new five-year, $26.875 million contract this past off-season because no clearly better options were available. He was the devil the Penguins knew. 

Now, Jarry stinks. 

Jarry allowed three goals on nine shots against Ottawa Saturday, getting yanked after 25:28. He let in another goal that was ruled out via replay. 

On Ottawa’s second and third goals, Jarry was so deep in his net that he was almost behind it. (It’s easy to tell when Jarry’s going to have a bad night: If he’s not getting to the top of his crease on the first few shots, bet big in-game against the Penguins.) 

This is Jarry's fourth season as the starter. He hasn’t won a playoff series. He has yet to truly prove himself. 

Here’s a disturbing stat from Rob Rossi’s article at The Athletic: 

“[Jarry] has allowed at least three goals in 51 of his past 111 regular-season games, and the Penguins are 10-33-8 when he does.” 

That's called not giving your team an adequate chance to win. 

Jarry is feast or famine: He leads the NHL in shutouts with two. But when he isn't pitching zeroes, he sucks. 

Jarry is a problem that can’t be solved because the Penguins have made a five-year commitment. Unless you want all that money to ride the bench behind Andre the Giant, b/k/a Magnus Hellberg. Or Alex Nedeljkovic when he’s healthy. 

Sadly, those are becoming options to legitimately consider. 

Pittsburgh Penguins v Detroit Red Wings

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