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Check out two incredible quotes regarding the “quality” of Mike Tomlin’s coaching. 

Rich Eisen of NFL Network said that Tomlin will rally the Steelers after losing to 3-10 Arizona this past Sunday: 

“Just watch. This is when Tomlin does his finest work. I think they win this week against New England and we’ll see what happens in Indianapolis.” 

So, Tomlin set the fire...and now, if he puts it out, he’s the hero? Arsonist turned fireman. 

Interim offensive coordinator Eddie Faulkner also thinks the Steelers will rebound because of Tomlin: 

"Mike Tomlin. Great leader, you know what I mean? He gets those guys refocused and about their business and everybody falls in line with that." 

Tomlin pulled the pin on the hand grenade, fell on it...and gets praise for saving everybody. 

Tomlin hasn’t won a playoff game in six years, has won three in 12, hasn’t won a playoff game in 13 of his 17 years as Steelers head coach, but somehow everyone is in thrall to his horse excrement. 

The Steelers are 4-0 after losses this season. There’s something to be said for that. 

But maybe don’t lose four games. Definitely don’t lose to a bummy team like Arizona. 

Arizona Cardinals v Pittsburgh Steelers

Photo: Joe Sargent / Getty Images Sport / Getty Images

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