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Forget about the notion of the Steelers trading Coach Mike Tomlin. 

He’d have to consent to it. 

You think Tomlin would agree to be sent to football purgatory like Carolina or Washington? He absolutely would not. 

If Tomlin’s going to depart Pittsburgh after this season, it will be by “mutual agreement” and he will have 100 percent control over where he goes.

It won’t be just approval of one destination. It will be Tomlin choosing from the multitude of job offers that would instantly be coming his way, as the national media keeps reminding us. 

But Tomlin’s not going anyplace. 

The Steelers will finish 9-8, just miss the playoffs, his meaningless streak of no losing seasons will be intact, and Tomlin will get a contract extension. The Steelers will maintain their method of doing things like daddy and granddaddy did. 

Steelers 101 = NEVER FIRE THE COACH.

New England Patriots v Pittsburgh Steelers

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