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Here’s an excerpt from my latest Trib column: 

*This off-season, the Steelers should trade T.J. Watt for a big package that would probably include two first-round draft picks. Watt is 29, has played great this year and avoided injury. But by the time the Steelers get fixed, Watt will be past his prime or retired. Trading him to a better team would help the Steelers rebuild and do Watt a favor. 

I’m sure you disagree. But it’s the right move. 

At most, Watt has three years of prime football left. Injuries might well revisit.

Will the Steelers be legit contenders to win a Super Bowl in that time? Or even win a playoff game? 

Kenny Pickett will do none of the above. 

Watt shouldn’t have to sit around and wait ‘til the Steelers figure out their quarterback situation. Or their coaching situation. 

“You don’t get better by trading your best players!” That’s likely your battle cry. 

But the Steelers have three stars on defense: Watt, Minkah Fitzpatrick and Cam Heyward. They spend more money on defense than any team in the NFL. Yet the defense still stinks. Indianapolis carved it up. Bullied the Steelers. 

Yeah, I know: Lots of defensive players were hurt. Then Fitzpatrick left the game. Mike Tomlin used the word “attrition.” 

Which brings me to another excerpt from my column: 

*The Steelers defense is riddled by injury. But Indianapolis was missing their starting quarterback, running back and right tackle. The Colts lost their top receiver and No. 2 running back mid-game. Every team has injuries by Week 15.  

To read the entire column, click HERE. 

Pittsburgh Steelers v Indianapolis Colts

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