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Here’s an excerpt from my Trib column: 

Wideout George Pickens quit on a play the week before, then was decidedly non-apologetic. His punishment? Nothing. 

So, Pickens went out against the Bengals and grabbed four balls for 195 yards and two touchdowns. 

That means prior transgressions were no big deal. You can bet on recidivism. It’s called enabling. 

It’s straight out of the Steelers’ playbook with Antonio Brown. Brown got lots of stats but didn’t get the Steelers many big wins, and his negative effect on the team’s culture still resonates. Via Pickens, for example. The stupidest, loudest and most selfish are front and center. 

But the Steelers have nobody to confront Pickens. No discipline from the coaches, no peer pressure from the so-called “leaders.” So, here we go again. 

I remain steadfast in my belief that Pickens should have been inactive Saturday vs. Cincinnati. The end doesn’t always justify the means. 

Pickens referred to “receipts” in his post-game comments, also posting that word on social media. 

Pickens believes he’s the victim. Why wouldn’t he? He wasn’t made to accept any accountability.

Pickens thinks he was unfairly criticized. That he did nothing wrong.

You don’t win with players like Pickens. The Steelers didn’t win with Brown, and he was five times the receiver that Pickens is. Brown had a Hall-of-Fame quarterback at his disposal, too.

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Cincinnati Bengals v Pittsburgh Steelers

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