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Here’s an excerpt from my Trib column: 

If the Steelers are so committed to Pickett even as he rides the bench, Tomlin should put his cojones where his depth chart is and start Pickett at Buffalo. Not indulge goofy games a head coach of 17 years should be embarrassed to play. 

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Keeping Kenny Pickett as QB1 on the depth chart even as Mason Rudolph readies to start at Buffalo combines coddling and petty into one nauseating package. 

But Mike Tomlin isn’t embarrassed, as suggested above. He’s long since beyond shame. 

Such picayune maneuvering provides a preview of next season. 

Rudolph could win Sunday, and Pickett will still start Week 1 of the 2024 campaign. Rudolph could win the Super Bowl, and Pickett will remain QB1.

Rudolph double-crossed Tomlin by playing well. Tomlin likes to win, but being right is his top priority. Rudolph’s success rightly suggests that Tomlin took ‘til Week 16 to start his best QB, and only then because of circumstance. 

Look at how Pickett has played. Look at how Rudolph is playing. 

At the very least, Rudolph should be re-upped with a promise that he and Pickett will legit compete for the No. 1 QB job at training camp. (But why would Rudolph believe that?) It’s even more logical to enter next season with Rudolph as the starter and Pickett the backup.

Rudolph has earned that. Pickett has screwed the pooch. 

But logic left town a long time ago. That’s because Tomlin keeps staying. 

My excerpt rings true: If Tomlin believes so much in Pickett that he’s willing to create a distraction via a fugazi depth chart, then start Pickett at Buffalo. 

Let’s see if Pickett’s the guy right now. Let’s see if Tomlin knows what he’s talking about right now. If Pickett isn’t and Tomlin doesn’t, act accordingly after. 

Tomlin is starting Rudolph because he knows the locker room and fans won’t tolerate otherwise. That’s pretending to be in charge. 

Pittsburgh Steelers v Los Angeles Rams

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