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Here’s an excerpt from my latest Trib column: 

In their last five playoff losses, including Monday’s, the Steelers got outscored 66-0 in the first quarter. 

In those games, the Steelers allowed 21, 35, 28, 21 and 10 points before the Steelers’ offense scored any. 

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The Steelers have had three head coaches in 54 years. For the sake of stability. 

Does anything italicized above even remotely suggest stability? 

Mike Tomlin stormed off the podium after being asked about his future. Does that suggest stability? 

No playoff victories in seven years, three in 13. Does that suggest stability? 

Najee Harris said, “We’ve got to be more disciplined. We’ve got to be more committed.” Does that suggest stability? 

George Pickens whined childishly about the referees after the Steelers got their backsides soundly kicked at Buffalo. Does that suggest stability? 

Examples of instability are endless. 

The Steelers haven’t been less stable since Bill Austin was the coach in 1968. 

The Steelers don’t need fake stability. 

The Steelers need a reset. 

The Steelers need change. 

Tomlin must go. He should have walked off that podium and just kept walking.

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Pittsburgh Steelers v Buffalo Bills

Photo: Sarah Stier / Getty Images Sport / Getty Images

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