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Here’s an excerpt from my latest Trib column: 

* Lots of fuss is being made about prime targets for the Steelers’ offensive coordinator job: Zac Robinson, Kliff Kingsbury, etc. Here’s betting the Steelers get whoever the other seven teams with openings don’t want. Top names won’t flock to work for a defensive-minded head coach like Mike Tomlin, or to rely on a meh quarterback like Kenny Pickett. I’m still thinking Byron Leftwich. 

To read the entire piece, click HERE. 

It won’t much matter who the offensive coordinator is. It could be Robinson, Kingsbury, Kyle Shanahan, Jesus or Elvis. Until the Steelers get a better quarterback than Pickett, the offense won’t improve significantly. 

Did you watch Sunday’s playoff game between Kansas City and Buffalo? Offensively, the Steelers don’t even play the same sport as the Chiefs and Bills. How do the Steelers catch up to that with Pickett at quarterback? It’s impossible. 

Which brings us to another excerpt: 

* The Steelers won’t get Kirk Cousins, Justin Fields or Russell Wilson. But they should. With Pickett, the Steelers have zero chance to legit compete. Pickett won’t outplay Lamar Jackson and Joe Burrow en route to winning the AFC North. 

It’s cute when some think the Steelers might import an established starting quarterback. That would require a quantum leap in philosophy. Which the Steelers don’t do. 

Arizona Cardinals v Pittsburgh Steelers

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