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I see NFL fans on-line making fun of quarterback Zach Wilson because he’s having trouble finding a new team in the wake of his implosion with the New York Jets. 

I get it. Wilson failed, and that failure was amplified by the cacophony of New York and the Aaron Rodgers circus. 

But Kenny Pickett failed in Pittsburgh. Philadelphia still took him. 

Justin Fields failed in Chicago. The Steelers still took him. 

Wilson. Pickett. Fields. None is better than the others, not really. They’re all first-round draft picks who couldn’t cut it with their original teams. 

Steelers fans rejoice because the team's quarterback position has been dismantled and reassembled. 

Their QB room is different. There’s no guarantee it will be much better. 

That especially applies to Fields. Yinzers are bleating as if a definite long-term solution at quarterback has been discovered. There’s zero evidence of that. 

Fields has thrown 30 interceptions in 40 NFL games. His career passer rating is 82.3. He’s an exceptional rusher, with 2,220 career yards and an average of 6.2 yards per carry. But he fumbled 38 times. He’s a turnover machine. 

Fields might do better with the Steelers. But he’s a project, not a guarantee. 

I’m optimistic about Russell Wilson in the short term. He will be better and more productive than Pickett. 

But beyond that, it’s a crapshoot. 

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