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8 Lifestyle Changes Can Add Years to Your Life

A new report from the American Heart Association says doing all the stuff on their "Life's Essential 8" checklist can add SIX YEARS to your life.

People who do them tend to have a "biological age" that's lower than their actual age. So, you might be 51. But on a cellular level, you're more like 45. And bonus: You'll also FEEL healthier. Here are the eight things you need to do . . .

1. Eat better. Less processed food. More whole foods, veggies, nuts, and seeds. 

2. Be more active. Adults need at least 75 minutes of moderate exercise a week.

3. Don't use tobacco. That includes vaping.

4. Get enough sleep. Seven to nine hours a night for adults. Up to 10 for teens.

5. Keep your weight in check. A healthy BMI is between 19 and 25. There are online calculators to help figure out where you're at.

6. Control cholesterol. High levels of "bad" cholesterol cause heart disease.

7. Manage your blood sugar. Eat right and exercise to avoid Type 2 diabetes.

8. Keep your blood pressure in check. 120 over 80 (or less) is ideal.

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