That Alice in Chains Tribute Show - Great Performances!

My husband and I watched the whole thing. THE WHOLE DANG THING. Yes, you're seeing that correctly, as the concert / fund raiser for MoPOP is 2 hours, 23 minutes long. There is such a thing as fast-forward, so be sure to catch all the rad performances.

Both Metallica and Korn did their own versions of Alice in Chains' "Would." They're both great, as they both show off the strong vocal stylings of James Hetfield and Jonathan Davis. I will say, my favorite was Korn's. Freakin' ruled. Korn at 43:05 in. Metallica at 2:07:46 in.

Another favorite performance was Man in the Box, by Corey Taylor, Dave Navarro (lookin like a genie), Taylor Hawkins and Chris Chaney - performing as "Alice in Chaney" at 26:34 in. Is there anything Corey Taylor can't do vocally?

And give this guy a shot... Dallas Green, of City and Colour. He performs Rain When I Die, beautifully. Such tone. Like Thom Yorke and Hozier wrapped into one, dripping with reverb. At 1:07:15 in.

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