Guitar Legends Alphabet Children's Book

From Jimi Hendrix to Angus Young, Orianthi to Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Guitar Legends Alphabet strings together an A to Z of the most gifted axemen and women to ever strut the stage. Artistically illustrated and passionately written, Guitar Legends Alphabet is an inspiring history lesson and music to the ears of any young (or not so young!) guitar enthusiast.

SPOILERS on who the letters are...

A - Duane Allman
B - Jeff Beck
C - Carlos Santana
D - David Gilmour
E - Eric Clapton
F - Frank Zappa
G - George Harrison
H - Eddie Van Halen
I - Tony Iommi
J - Jimi Hendrix
K - B.B. King
L - Les Paul
M - Mark Knopfler
N - Neil Young
O - Orianthi
P - Prince
Q - Queen's Brian May
R - Robert Johnson
S - Slash
T - Sister Rosetta Tharpe
U - Chuck Berry (that's a stretch, alphabet guy)
V - Stevie Ray Vaughan
W - Nancy Wilson
X - Alex Lifeson
Y - Angus Young
Z - Zeppelin's Jimmy Page