That Dude in Those Videos with the Jimmy Eat World Guy Talking Song Writing

Perhaps you've seen him performing in a bath robe, singing and waxing poetic about flamingos or not worrying.

Perhaps you've seen him collaborating with Erykah Badu.

Perhaps your friend from high school that knew that girl you thought was hot shared it on Facebook and you discovered the cesspool of videos uploaded for his 1.2 followers.

Marc Rebillet is hilarious, an improv genius, writing simple loop-driven ballads and spoofs, playing piano beautifully and more.

Now, Jimmy Adkins of Jimmy Eat World has been doing a web-series called Pass Through Frequencies shortly after the pandemic hit. It's all about song-writing. His first guest was Mark Hoppus, and has had 20+ guests by the end of 2020. Long talks all about song writing.

As the video puts it: Jim talks with Marc Rebillet about his one-man-wrecking-crew, take-no-prisoners, get-the-back-of-the-house-jumping stage show. Which, since the majority of his show is improv doubles as his writing sessions.

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