Michael Keaton Playing a Batman Role in THE FLASH

"This town needs an enema!" Sorry, unrelated. It's just my favorite line from the Keaton Batman.

Michael Keaton made his debut as Batman in Tim Burton's '89 Batman and the '92 sequel Batman Returns.

COMING IN NOVEMBER 2022... DC is using 69-year-old Keaton, as well as 48-year-old Ben Affleck, as Batman in the Warner Bros. film The Flash.

This film is going to link the two universes and feature two Batmans. They allude to the film revealing what has happened to Keaton's Batman since he last played the role. Confused? Me too, a little. I'll just wait for the trailer, likely coming close to a year from now.

Also happening is the Robert Pattinson flick, The Batman, which is also scheduled to come out in 2022.

Who was your favorite Batman over the years? I'll say... I loved Michael Keaton, and I really liked Christian Bale... and that's it.

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