Radio Imaging Behind the Scenes

Another big part of what I do here, other than wax poetic in between rock tunes... is imaging!

It's the stuff that you hear between the songs, with the zips & zaps, music, and (hopefully) clever one-liners.

My first gig doing imaging was at a NewsTalk station, here in Pittsburgh, where I had to listen to a LOT of The Glenn Beck Program. It's fine. He could be funny enough, and that's the audio you would snag.

Using Protools (or any recording software of your choice) you mix all your pieces into a work of art. I like to describe it as making a movie trailer of the show, from the :25 seconds of Glenn Beck talking about... Y2K or whatever the topic du'jour may be.

It promotes the station, gives you information, and hopefully conjures an emotion. Goal number 1? To put a smile on the listener's face.

It's definitely what I love doing most. Whether it's for NewsTalk stations, country stations, rock, or Top 40 - it's the FUN PART SWEETHEART.

Here's some examples!

And one for Glenn Beck, in particular...

And THIS... is what we STRIVE for...

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