80s Video Dating Montage

AWKWARD & AWESOME!!! Yeah, the video is old, so don't gimme your "this is old" crap. I mean, WHO'S SEEN EVERY DANG THING ON YOUTUBE?

Enjoy this 80s video dating montage of suitors from some company called Video Mate (?), long before eHarmony, and even longer before whatever that cesspool of an app is you have on your phone in this new decade.

Some of my favorite quotes:

"Hi, my name's Mike, and if you're sitting here watching this tape smoking your cigarette, well, hit the fast forward button. 'Cause I don't smoke and I don't like people who do smoke."

"Who-so binds to himself a joy, doth it's winged-life destroy."

"I'm looking for the goddess. Are you the goddess? Who is the goddess? The goddess is the woman, is a woman, is any woman, is all women."

"And I like to wear bright socks, and I'm an avid Cleveland Browns fan."

Plenty of mullets, trendy attire, and solo mustaches - and they ALL like FUN.

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