Deftones Newest Single is "Ceremony" DO YA DIG IT?

Chino Moreno & company gave us their new album Ohms back in September, and it had rave reviews right off the bat. It is a great album.

Dig this song? I do, it's jam-packed with melody. Subtly gets stuck in your head.

Members of Deftones offered commentary on most of the tracks, as part of a BBC Radio 1 Special that aired back in September. That full article and commentary here:

ChinoMoreno said this of "Ceremony."

“That was one of the first songs that we wrote. But a lot of the stuff kind of comes from jamming. So “Ceremony” was one of those ones where someone was just playing something and then everybody just kind of picks up their instrument like ‘oh!’ [and] starts reacting to each other and then it just starts to build. I feel like I really connected with the song. Lyrically that song is pretty dark, I kind of tether with the true meaning of that song, ’cause it’s really, really, really bad. It’s not good. That’s a hard one to talk about. But as far as the music and the whole vibe, the whole song to me, I think that it’s a special one on this record for sure.”

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