Pop Tarts in Pie Flavors

Pop-Tarts, get fancy on us all you want!

But FIRST! Story time...

The first time I ever went live on the air was around 2005, when I was producing a weekend sports show. The host went on a tangent about Pop-Tarts and asked what my favorite Pop-Tart was.

I froze. I at least remembered how to turn on the mic.

I was 18 or 19, and had never been on the air before. Given time to prepare, I could wax poetic about a breakfast food I'd grown up on, sure. But no. My favorite wasn't coming to mind, a rush of blood to the head later, and I said "chocolate fudge."

I knew I had lied.

I couldn't think of the name of my beloved cinnamon go-to, "frosted brown sugar cinnamon."

My radio infancy was a LIE.

This story is terrible, I know. But I tried avoiding being on-air for a good 7-8 years after that, and did production instead. Probably because of Pop-Tarts.


Ah, that's why you clicked on this.

Three new dessert-inspired flavors: Peach Cobbler, Banana Creme Pie, and Lemon Creme Pie.

You'll wanna heat those suckers up (toaster oven is best, imo, c'mon) and make it a la mode if you wanna. And you know you wanna.

Good gosh, Pop-Tarts, how have you taken up this much space in my life?

Take a look at 'em here: https://www.bestproducts.com/lifestyle/a35926618/kelloggs-pop-tarts-banana-creme-pie-pastries/

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