We Called It TRASH, What Did YOU Call It?

We used Crispix as kids, and we called it Trash. It's how it was titled on the side of the Crispix box when we first learned of this addictive recipe.

You melt almost equal portions of peanut butter and chocolate chips (more choc and a lil less PB is best), add your Crispix and mix - trying not to crush it all to bits. You added powdered sugar to a trash bag, along with your Crispix mixture and shook it to the ends of the earth. (Mom got smart over the years, and had us shake it in a big Tupperware, which then housed your sweet treat for snacking).

I used to justify eating this stuff for freakin' breakfast.

What did YOU call it as kids, and... when did it become this "puppy chow" and "muddy buddies" that you all rattle off?! It's TRASH!!!!

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