Creepy Yet Very Put-Together House For Sale

Listed for $225,000 in Baltimore, MD - it's had close to 350,000 views in less than a day. People all over have been clicking through all 82 provided pictures of this charming little death home.

228 Townsend Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21225

The street view looks rather charming, lots of curb appeal. We get to the clean living room as a first inside look, with black furnishings, and a picture of a guillotine, framed on the wall. You'll see, they're Oakland Raiders fans, who also love coffins.

Beautiful kitchen with a nice double-bowl sink, big pantry space, and black appliances.

Head up the black carpeted stairs, to a (church?) pew, with spiderweb railings - to a heavily mirrored bedroom - all black furnishings again.

But wait! There's more!

In the basement, it's fully carpeted, with glossy black painted walls.

And you'll just have to see the spacious backyard for yourself. Ahem, excuse me, the Cemetery. The garage is painted with a cemetery scene as well, if you can dig it.

See the listing here:

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