PANTERA - Vulgar Display of Power

It came out in 1992. I mean, I was into Ace of Base then (proudly), more tastes developed as time went on and high school approached.

I heard "A New Level" first. Yes, before "Walk," if you can believe it. I had a guitarist for a big brother, so my introduction came in riffs - not necessarily the recordings.

I wish I had 4 sons to name Darrel, Vinnie, Rex, and yes, even Phillip.

This album is the metal pick of the week, as Phil Anselmo and the Illegals are... doing a livestream of Vulgar Display of Power in its entirety. Purchase if you wish, I hope they do a killer job and serve the album well. As for me, I've never heard a darn track from Phil's new band, and, I can't say I plan on seeking any out. See for tickets, as it airs Fri, April 9th.

Do enjoy this Metal Post of the Week, what a pick for an Easter Sunday. Just... spare Grandma the soothing sounds. There's profanity.

My favorite tracks?

A New Level
This Love
Live in a Hole

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