Brandon Boyd on American Idol Duets

These shows make me feel so weird. But, Brandon Boyd is an all-time fave of mine. He's gracious and himself, seemingly, in one of America's stupidest singing show. Ok, it's probably America's favorite, that was just a mean hot take.

Watch if you will, first, as Brandon Boyd was chosen to do a duet with 16 year old Casey Bishop, as they perform a cover of Incubus with "Wish You Were Here."

Then, he does a duet with Chayce Beckham (if that's not a trendy name for a performer I don't know what is). They perform an Incubus song as well, covering "Drive."

As Ryan Seacrest mentioned, keep on the lookout for Brandon's 3rd solo album... could it be that covers album where he sings all female-led songs?!

Lionel Richie rules.

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