Brutally Honest Slogans via Reddit

A new Reddit thread recently asked, "If brands were brutally honest, what brand would have what slogan?”As expected, Reddit users chimed in with some hilarious results.

"Hot Pockets — Every bite is a different temperature."

"Taco Bell — You can make 32 different things with these five ingredients, why mess with perfection?"

"The Onion — Listen… this wasn't supposed to be a prediction." * A FAVE.

"Ikea — Visit for the meatballs. Stay because you can't find the f***ing way out."

"YouTube — Where the world watches ads."

"Q-tips — Listen, from a liability standpoint, we have to tell you to not stick these in your ears. But we’re not your mother. You do what the bleep you want."

"Staples — No one actually works here."

"Nike — Let's face it, you're not going to actually do it."

"Ramen — You get paid in a few days." * Another FAVE

"Facebook — Making it easier to stalk people since 2004."

"Reddit — You don't have to read shampoo bottles anymore while taking a dump." * ANOTHER FAVE

"Viagra — Try it. How hard can it be?"

Sift through more, and add to the conversation here:

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