In Flames - Colony (the Album)

Ah, from the very trustworthy label that is Nuclear Blast Records with their melodic death metal... In Flames Colony has got all the jams.

The metal pick of the week is, indeed, another entire album. Comin' in blaaaazing with "Embody the Invisible," to the RRRRIIIIIFFFFFFS in the title track "Colony"... to the pretty instrumentals you've been trying to play on acoustic for years. And don't forget, our beloved "Behind Space."

Introducing, Peter Iwers on bass and Daniel Svensson on drums, alongside Jesper Stromblad, Bjorn Gelotte, and Anders Friden. This remained the lineup for quite some time, and it's the lineup of which I'm most familiar myself.

I remember trying to track this elusive album down around 2005, what a search. I wore it out so much it got scratched up, but iTunes was introduced and you know where we are with that now.

Earlier this year, Colony made the list of The Top 20 Best Metal Albums of 1999. I totally agree, Metal Hammer:

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