My Chemical Romance Fan-Designed LEGO Set

A Black-Parade-inspired LEGO set!

Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance described that "regular people can come up with ideas for Lego sets and upload them onto the Lego site where they get voted on."

Essentially,Essentially, if these ideas get enough votes and support, Lego will try to develop these ideas into legitimate sets for their toy line.

Frank said "some amazing maniac that goes by the name VNMBricks (sik name, i see what you did there 😉) came up with the concept for a My Chem Black Parade float @Lego set and i’m losing my mind at how crazy rad it is! I for one have already gone to the @Lego website and voted for this thing because it would be the greatest experience getting to build this with my son, Miles. If you also think this would be a rad @lego set to own and build with your kids, parents, friends, goldfish, or alone by yourself in the dark then you too can have your voice heard..."

Here's where to give support:

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