TOOL's Lateralus Turns 20 Years Old Today

I know, you could no sooner choose a favorite star in the heavens - but what's your favorite TOOL album? Mine? Hands down, Lateralus.

Gosh, "The Grudge," into "The Patient," oh so many singles... it's an incredible (and LONG) album.

I'm not going to attach any music videos, certainly not "Schism" because they freak me the HECK out.

I can't even attach any highlights from the latest Pittsburgh show via 2019, because all the band allowed us to film was Stinkfist (there's a ton of those floating around).

Just do me a favor. Find your copy on CD (or, via your choice of streaming service since they added it in 2019) and listen. Listen in its entirety and enjoy this anniversary.

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