Live Like a Nomad with AIRBNB

An Airbnb I went to in upstate New York

Photo: Stacy @stacyontheradio

Airbnb has a contest going on, where 12 people (each get to bring up to 3 companions) could live like nomads (vagabond, wanderers) and travel for a year. Airbnb will select 12 people to travel for a year, living in Airbnbs for free. Participants will then share their experience with Airbnb to help with future product decisions.

"Live Anywhere on Airbnb."

Anyone that's interested can apply online - but - the program beings this July 2021, and traveling will start in September.

Airbnb will grant the participants anywhere from $12,000 to $24,000 in Airbnb credits for the first five months, depending on how many guests with which they travel. There's stipend transportation too.

They're trying to attract more "long-term" renters.

My experience with Airbnb has been... a hit or a miss. The best one, by far, is what I have pictured. My Jeep in front of the house we stayed at in upstate New York.

In fact, I've been trying to get Airbnb to change their slogan to "Airbnb: A Hit or a Miss..."

Learn more about "Live Anywhere on Airbnb." Go ahead and apply, and let us know if you end up being one of the 12 chosen ones! Like a frickin' disciple.

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