Trivium - In the Court of the Dragon

Still with Roadrunner Records, they released this track not long after the April 2020 release of their ninth studio album What the Dead Men Say.

There's a lengthy music video for this new song, filmed in the UK, with lots of candles and oddities that I don't quite get nor will I seek to find understanding. It's attached.

Matt Heafy has both screaming and clean singing, as has been the trend with him since Trivium's inception. Though, his vocal style has changed quite a bit album to album, as he's sought out vocal coaches and proper techniques over the years.

I will clarify, I'm a wayward Trivium fan. I loved Ascendancy when it came out. Pretty certain I was still a high schooler. I consumed it. I fell in love even more with the release of their progressive-leaning Shogun. Most other albums have felt like a chore to listen to, though some particular tracks totally rule.

One thing I will always pledge, is to give a couple listens to anything they release.

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