Here's What You Missed At The Apple Event Today

Rather than go into something long winded on my own, that is a quick rundown of everything you missed at today's #AppleEvent. I am 99% sure that Tim Cook from Apple could come punch me in the face and I would still go buy the latest iPhone. People will say that there is no difference between these phones form year to year and in some regards that may be true, but I always see *JUST* enough of a difference to want to get a new one. You wont find me pre-ordering anything, but I will probably mosey my way out to get one eventually.

Something pretty cool that might get people on board with trading in more frequently is the new trade in program that they established. You can read more about that HERE.

And in case you want a more detailed rundown of everything announced today, you can see that HERE. Maybe this is the year I get an (old) Apple watch?