I Really Enjoyed The NFL Wildcard Broadcast On Nickelodeon

Some things don't change. 20 years ago I would sit on the couch and watch Nickelodeon for hours on end. The minute I got home from school I was tuned in while I ate a snack and pretended to do my homework. On Sunday I found myself sitting on the couch watching Nickelodeon again....the only difference is that I had a large sum of money riding on an NFL playoff game covered in slime.

This was an idea that was questioned by some when it was announced a while back. For some reason people thought that NICK was the only channel the game was on. Of course it was still available on CBS in it's usual format, but this version was designed to be very kid friendly and teach younger people about the elements of the game. Of course I tuned in to see how it looked, and I ended up enjoying it so much that I watched the entire game on that channel. Here are some of the cool elements that were a part of the broadcast.

Of course, we were bound to get a curse work or two that snuck through the broadcast.

Of course there was a handful of people that called out the NFL and Nickelodeon saying that kids should not be exposed to the deadly game of football. Listen, I have no problem with any parent holding their kids out of sports. But how about we stop being so grouch all the time and enjoy things like this that are meant to provide an updated spin to the traditional broadcast. I really hope that they do something like this in the future - I was a big fan!