BCS- Something finally happened

Something happened. Finally. Actually, many things happen.  They all had a common theme of "goodbye"..  Jimmy said goodbye to Chuck.  Chuck said goodbye to HHM, to his recovery, then to life. Kim said goodbye to her biggest client, to Francesca, and to her office.  Jimmy said goodbye to elder law.  Tuco said goodbye to Hector.   And now we see that after all Chuck  did to Jimmy, Jimmy still cared and will carry the guilt of Chuck's death for life.   So many ends at one time, and the real beginnings of Saul Goodman, born of guilt over Chuck, and really, no where else to turn after burning the bridges of conventional lawyering.  

The goodbyes were seamless and fast moving, and it wasn't until afterwards that I realized how many endings there actually were in this season finale.  And it highlights one of the very few things I don't like about Better Call Saul- the story line moves at a snails pace...  until this episode there weren't many changes in the dynamic of Jimmy and Chuck's relationship.  Jimmy wanted his big brother's approval, and it was not coming.  Chuck was always welcome at HHM where he was a partner, regardless of his mental state until Jimmy's subversive insurance sabotage caused a rise in HHM's malpractice insurance. Then, it was time for Chuck to retire.  And Jimmy felt some guilt over that, so he continued to make sure Chuck was OK.... and now, what level of sorrow and guilt will Jimmy feel? How will it affect his relationship with Kim, the one stable constant in his life?  His caring nature of his loved ones is clear, yet he has a self destructive nature that Chuck threw in his face in their last encounter, right before Chuck fell back into mental illness that ultimately was his end.