Stewart Copeland is re-releasing Everyone Stares and talks about the Police

Despite rumors to the contrary, Police drummer Stewart Copeland insists that he Sting and Andy Summers"like each other and always have."

He tells Billboardt hat while "creative tension" existed between the trio, their "relationship with each other was then and has always been strong" and that they "always enjoyed each other's company -- and still do."

Copeland thinks it comes through in his film Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out, the documentary he piecedt ogether from the Super 8 movies he took of the band during their heyday. It will be reissued on DVD, and released for the first time on Blu-ray and digitally, this Friday.

Copeland maintains that right now he'd rather "hang with my buddies, who are like brothers, without clouding it with the issue" of a Police reunion. Copeland says they know that when they "go in that rehearsal room together [they're] going to start screaming at each other again," but he, for one, would "rather laugh."

One other thing he'd like to do is to put out a soundtrack album for Everyone Stares made up of his mashed-up "derangements" of the group's songs that he created for the film's chapter menus. While he met resistance to the idea when the three were still working together, he feels the other two have now warmed to it and that it will eventually get released. 

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