Slash and Chester Bennington did "Crazy" in 2010.. will it be released?

Slash and Chester Bennington did a song back in 2010 called Crazy that may be released- hopefully

The track,"Crazy,"was originally done for Slash's 2010 self-titled solo album. Back in 2018, Slash told Variety that "Linkin Park at the time didn't allow it to [be released], so I did it with Lemmy." That song ended up being called "Doctor Alibi."

Slash's engineer at the time, Chris Flores, went back to the studio in 2019 and reprogrammed the drums and played the bass on the track, and sent it to Slash, who then sent it to Chester's widow Talinda Bennington. Flores tells the Appetite for Distortion podcast that the track has been on the shelf for so long "out of respect, just waiting for Linkin Park to release whatever they were going to release with Chester and then give Talinda and his mom time to figure out if they wanted to do anything with it." 

Flores adds that he felt like the track had been forgotten about, so putting out a snippet will help make an official release happen. Check out the snippet Flores shared onYouTube.

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